Magnificent and Safest Service by Vedanta Air Ambulance Service in Delhi and Kolkata

Emergency Air Ambulance Service consists of the emergency medical evacuation/transportation Life-Support Equipment of the BLS (Basic Life Support) ambulance service which provides non-ambulatory and bed-ridden persons a means of transport to and from place A to B which shall be accompanied by a well-trained nurse/paramedic staff.

Some of the equipment which normally used in BLS ambulance is: –

Cardiac monitor, pulse oximeter, oxygen, scoop, spine board, medicine box, stair chair and many more

Now the Advance Cardiac Life-Support Air Ambulance Consists of the following faculty.

ACLS Ambulance are well-equipped and staffed by the highly trained nurse or paramedics with doctor ready to be dispatched to emergency situations where patients require a higher level of care than a regular ambulance (BLS) can provide.


Standard equipment which is used inside the ACLS ambulance are: –

Defibrillator, Cardiac Monitor, Ventilator, Oxygen Therapy – Re-breathing circuit, Suction kit, Collapsible wheelchair, Medical kits, Medical Drugs, Blood pressure cuff (Sphygmometer), Pulse ox-meter, Syringe pump, Scoop stretcher and many more.

With all the Magnificent and Advance facility Vedanta Air Ambulance Service in Delhi is ready to serve you for all the medical evacuation support with the experienced team of MD Doctors and the Paramedics Support.

Now Vedanta Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata is also available to serve the needed one with the fascinating services.


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